Saturday, 24 March 2007

Kitchen Diaries: Baked haddock with bacon and parsley

I OD’d on salmon late last year, and while I still love the fish I have tried to branch out into other sub-oceanic wonders recently. Haddock is one such foray. But, like Elvis, once I find a foodstuff I like I don’t wander too far off the rail. Sadly, I’m beginning to have my fill of this fish too.

But bonus, the last fillet in the fridge gave me the perfect excuse to nose around the new Sainsbury’s which opened last week to great fanfare within the Brighton community. Hey, we’ve got the Pier, we’ve got the Pavilion. We’ve got Gehry towers growing, and a virtual pier rising. We get excited about things.

The fish was blindingly simple, yet ridiculously easy to overcook on all (fish, bacon) accounts. It’s not got much in it other than the fish, the bacon and the parsley, and which I’m not a sauce-fanatic, it was a bit dry. The bacon and parsley element, for example, could have used a smidge of white wine or something to pad it out. Still, unfettered and - yes - tasty.

I’ve noticed Nigel’s not so keen on carbohydrate accompaniments to his dishes, and this one is no different. He recommends a watercress, pear and fennel salad to go with it, and if that hadn’t been there this would have been a “meh” – tasty, but not spectacular. The salad, however, was divine. I mean, really excellent.

I don’t experiment with my greens course very often, but this has inspired me to move away from the Romaine and cucumber and towards the spicier leaves, the sweeter fruits and fennel – oh, fennel. The dressing he recommends – a very simple lime and olive oil concoction – deserves another half a lime than he suggests, to give it a bit of ting, but this is what saved this meal. I’ll be visiting the salad many times again.

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About Cook The Books said...

I appear to have cooked the same thing. Woops. Yours looked nicer than mine though.

For some reason I fancied fish on the way home from the first day of my last week at work. Not work forever, just this work. Sadly.

I was thinking of something like kedgeree, Sainsblurrys Local garnered me with a smoked haddock fillet and brown rice and that's where my kedgeree knowledge ran dry. A flatmate used to make kedgeree, but he didn't eat fish and so replaced fish with chickpeas. It always looked like a stir fry to me, but chickpea kedgeree did lend itself to a catchy tune - chickpea kedgeree, I said chickpea kedgeree come on.

Going through some books for fishy rice inspiration I found haddock with bacon and parsley. I had some bacon left over from the weekend and a quick cycle to the shop bought some parsley.

It was certainly quick to make and reasonably tasty. Kind of like smoked haddock with slightly overdone bacon and parsley to be.